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Thailand is famous for its smiles, scenery and street food, now Thailand has another feather in its tourism cap – medical tourism. Medical tourism in Bangkok has blossomed with its world-class hospitals offering high standards of healthcare and its culture of hospitality as Bangkok Thailand has become the destination of choice for this new kind of tourist seeking medical tourism. And who wouldn’t want to recuperate from their hospital stay on Thailand’s white sand beaches with a tropical cocktail in hand? Medical tourism in Bangkok is a fairly recent phenomenon, but lengthy waiting lists and high prices of healthcare in the West, coupled with lower prices, quality care and excellent accommodations and infrastructure have given Thailand a leg-up over other destinations around the globe for this massively growing trend.

With Sofitel Bangkok Sukhumvit’s central location in the heart of Bangkok’s business and entertainment district on Sukhumvit Road, there are several convenient hospital options for pursuing medical tourism in Bangkok, all within a 15-20 minute drive from our 5-star Bangkok hotel. Allow our refined French excellence to pamper your pursuit of wellness with savoir-faire and fine food in the comfort of one of Bangkok’s finest 5-star hotels. Your body will thank you!

Hospital lobbies that resemble a 5-star hotels and impeccable service and care all help to promote medical tourism in Bangkok, but being able to combine your hospital treatment with a relaxing holiday in Thailand afterwards, plus recovering from surgery by treating yourself to a post-op vacation in Phuket or Ko Samui or indulging in some replenishing spa and beauty treatments, and then going back home having spent less on your hospital, flights and holiday, than you would have by having the medical procedure back home – what’s not to love about Thai medical tourism?

So, if planning a trip to Thailand why not get that check-up or tummy tuck while here? Or if coming to Thailand for the excellent medical tourism in Bangkok, why not combine it with a sightseeing holiday while you’re here? Whichever motivation came first, Sofitel Bangkok Sukhumvit is perfectly located to make your hospital visits close by and convenient, all while indulging in our 5-star hotel’s impeccable standards, comforts and cuisines.

All private hospitals in Bangkok which offer medical services to patients from abroad have state-of-the-art facilities and technology, internationally-trained doctors and multilingual staff. Some now have desks set up at Bangkok’s Suvarnabumi International Airport for arriving patients, and many offer special packages to foreigners, while some, such as Bumrungrad, Samitivej Hospital and Bangkok Hospital, have in-house visa extension facilities to help those who have to overstay their visas while undergoing medical treatment. Bumrungrad, Samitivej, Bangkok and BNH Hospitals are some of the most popular destinations in Thailand for visitors interested in medical tourism in Bangkok, with informative websites providing a wealth of information on their medical tourism packages and services, and all of them are conveniently cose to Sofitel Bangkok Sukhumvit. With these cutting-edge hospitals leading the way, Thailand has proven itself to be a significant component of global healthcare combined with medical tourism.

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